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Dr Clive Selwyn

Why Seek a Holistic Counsellor?

Sometimes life just gets us down. Some mornings we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just feel rubbish. Sometimes there’s a perfectly understandable reason for this, like a recent break up, or being stuck in a dead-end job that we hate, but sometimes there isn’t. We feel depressed, demotivated, apathetic, unable to enjoy life – and we don’t know why. Our lives seem to lack meaning; we feel empty, stuck, without any sense at all of anything moving forward. We ask ourselves, “What’s the point?”

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I keep repeating the same patterns in relationships?
  • Do I feel like I’m sometimes not enough or too much?

  • Do I cling on to some future idea of happiness?
  • Do I constantly compare myself with others?
  • Do I pretend to be okay all the time?
  • Can I be powerful in my masculinity and femininity?
  • Am I constantly stuck in my head?
  • Do I experience feelings of guilt and shame?
  • Do I distract myself with work / drugs / food / sex / porn?
  • Do I look after myself properly – body / mind / soul?
  • Do I feel isolated and alone?
  • Am I willing to admit that I need help?
  • Am I willing to work hard to make a change in my life?

    If you’ve answered, yes, to the last 2 questions, then perhaps you’re ready to challenge some of your beliefs about yourself – to take a good look at yourself with fresh eyes.

    Firstly, you’re definitely NOT alone. In fact, counselling gives us the ability to look at all these things, and realise that the ways in which many of us suffer are not unique to us at all. 

    By getting to know ourselves better, we gain an understanding about why we are the way we are, and why we do the things we do. Once we have this knowledge, we can start the process of learning to fully accept ourselves as we are – maybe even to start to open up and love ourselves. 

    Seeking help from someone is the first step in this process – and it takes a lot of COURAGE! 

    You’ve already found yourself here – so perhaps you’ll take one more courageous step and send me a message…·       

    Why See Me?

    The body has a magnificent intelligence. Holistic counselling harnesses this intelligence and combines it with more traditional forms of talking therapy. This creates a powerful crucible for transformation to take place in. 

    I love crazy wisdom and draw on the teachings of Osho, Sufi mysticism, Tantra, Zen & Taoist philosophy, as well as Jungian psychology. Jung said that integration of the shadow was the “apprentice-piece” and integration of the anima / animus was the “master-piece” of becoming whole. 

    My hope is that I can help people to become more mature, integrated human beings who are connected to their true selves.

    Read more about my inspirations here

    My Experience

    I have spent more than 10 years training with some of the best teachers and facilitators in the fields of personal growth, Tantra and coaching.

    I have been doing men’s work for the last 6 years – including running sharing circles, and counselling sessions for men. 

    I am currently Lead Facilitator, Trainer and Advisor for – a community-based, non-profit self development club delivered by men, for men. 

    Click here for an article about my men’s sharing circles written by the BBC.

    Or here for a recent panel discussion where I talk about the “mature masculine and feminine”.


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    MEN’S WORK (6 years) 


     PERSONAL GROWTH (10 years+)

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