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Why Seek Counselling?

Sometimes life just gets us down. Some mornings we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just feel shit. Sometimes there’s a perfectly understandable reason for this, like a recent break up, or being stuck in a dead-end job that we hate, but sometimes there isn’t. We just feel depressed, demotivated, apathetic, unable to enjoy life – and we don’t know why. Our lives seem to lack meaning, we feel empty, stuck, without any sense at all of anything moving forward. “What’s the f*ing point?”, we ask ourselves.

  • Am I stuck in a pattern or loop?
  • Do I find it difficult to ask for help?
  • Am I running away from something?
  • Am I willing to really feel my feelings?
  • Am I able to just sit with my sorrow or resentment?
  • Am I able to face my own dark side?
  • Do I pretend that I have it all together?
  • Do I have deep sadness in me?
  • Am I willing to work hard to make a real change in myself?
  • Do I accept ALL aspects of myself?
  • Am I able to experience life to its fullest?

    Counselling gives us a fresh perspective on all these things.

    It allows us to see our lives with new eyes: To challenge our beliefs about ourselves. To look at all the things that have shaped us as human beings – all the conditioning that we have received from family, friends, society. 

    It gives us the space and acceptance to fully allow ourselves. 

    Why See Me?

    • I will listen to you with empathy and an open heart
    • Without judgement
    • With clarity of intention
    • Without trying to fix you
    • To promote self-awareness
    • To support the development of your inherent strengths
    • Empowering you to identify & strengthen your own inner resources
    • Helping you to feel more embodied
    • Encouraging you to grow and evolve

    I love crazy wisdom. I draw on the teachings of Osho, Sufi mysticism, Tantra, Zen & Taoist philosophy, as well as Jungian psychology. Like Jung, I believe that everyone contains both a masculine and feminine side (what he called the Anima and Animus) – and that it is only by consciously and deliberately developing both of them that we become fully present and embodied.

    Therefore, the work I offer is suitable for both sexes. 

    Read more about the inspirations for my work here

    My Experience

    I have spent more than 10 years training with some of the best teachers and facilitators in the fields of personal growth, Tantra and coaching.

    I have been doing men’s work for the last three years – including running sharing circles, and counselling sessions. I have been co-facilitating mixed sharing groups and counselling women for the last year.  

    Click here for an article from the BBC about my men’s sharing circles

    MEN’S WORK (3 years)

     PERSONAL GROWTH (10 years+)

    Professional Experience

    Medical Degree (MB.BS)

    St. Bart's Hospital, 1996-2002
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    BSc (HONS) Parasitology

    King's College London, 2001-2002
    First Class Honours

    Hospital Doctor

    UK & Australia, 2002-2008
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    Read what people think of my work



    "This is something Clive is gifted at doing. I've always got a lot from our sessions. His insights have been really valuable... the way he can see the root of what I'm dealing with, and hold the space that feels safe for me to share in. This has allowed me to see the truths about who I am and what I want in my life.

    I would highly recommend Clive's sessions to anyone."

    Brett Leboff

    Brett Leboff


    "I've known Dr Clive for around 10 years and have had several coaching sessions with him regarding relationships and intimacy. Clive is always extremely attentive and I feel heard by him at all times. 

    Our sessions together really helped me rethink my situation and gave me more confidence to solve my issues on my own."




    "Clive gave me an insight into yet another area of my life where I have overlooked compulsive behaviour, and I came away with a great exercise to reclaim myself in that area.

    I recommend getting Clive to help you to accelerate your progress on your own path of self-development."

    Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson


    "Utilising his knowledge and personal experience in the sessions we had together, Clive helped me to see some of my patterns - the ways that I approach my life, my relationships, and my soul's purpose.

    I highly recommend to anyone to take a few hours out of your life and chat about things with a coach like Clive. It will improve your life."

    Michael Palmer

    Michael Palmer


    "Clive provides an opportunity for people to express themselves fully in a manner that is fluid, fun and authentic.

    Clive helped me to feel more connected to myself and better able to connect with others."

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