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My Approach

I will listen to your problems with empathy and an open heart, in order to to promote self-awareness

I will not diagnose, nor offer therapy, nor try to fix you. You are not broken

Instead, I will support the development of your inherent strengths (or inner potential), to help you overcome the obstacles preventing your full self-expression in the world

I will empower you by helping you to identify and strengthen your own inner resourcesThis will enable you to embark upon the sometimes challenging (and often painful) journey of self-discovery – which you no longer have to do on your own

I will accompany you on this journey with humbleness and a clarity of intention – with great presence, and without judgement – with often unexpected and beautiful results. 


PERSON-CENTRED (Carl Rogers Approach): 

With deep loving presence, I will support you to navigate your own inner landscape. The sessions will be led by you (and not me). However, I will be there to fully support you on your journey of discovery. This will be aided by the following:

Authenticity – My thoughts, feelings and behaviour are aligned. I demonstrate integrity and genuineness.

Acceptance – I am non-judgmental of my client’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I demonstrate a deep and real desire for my clients to progress and develop.

Empathy – I develop a deeper subjective understanding of my client that can only come with patience and careful listening – I try to understand my clients’ internal frame of reference.


SHADOW WORK (Jungian Approach)

I will help you to identify the parts of yourself that you keep hidden and sometimes reject. When we hide and reject parts of ourselves, they become expressed by our subconscious – sometimes in dangerous ways. We will shine a light on these shadow aspects to surround them with compassionate awareness.

What was unconscious and in the shadows, will instead become conscious, welcomed, and accepted as an integral part of your Self. 


ESSENCE WORK (Diamond Approach)

Utilising “inquiry”, an investigation of your own personal experience, to help you to come back to your own true nature – to penetrate through the personality structure. To use psychological understanding to help understand the twists and turns of the ego structure. 

This will involve us both sensing, feeling deeply into the body, and understanding each of our beings.